Nelson Avidon - Actor, Writer, Director
A lawyer. A secretary. A late night at the office.
The Explosive New Adult Drama by Nelson Avidon

Directed by Robert Walden

With Cheryl Leibert and Nelson Avidon

Set Design: Maya Kaplun
Lighting: Hillery Makatura
Press: Ron Lasko of Spin Cycle

“A fascinating play. Loved the sexuality and the humor. Modern Strindberg.” -- Michael Cristofer

“Nelson Avidon is a terrific actor and ‘Girl in Heat’ provides him with a breakout role. This is an edgy, smart, challenging play.”
-- Edward Norton

January 26th - February 19th, 2006
The Michael Weller Theatre -- 311 West 43rd Street
Girl in Heat - Cheryl Leibert, Nelson Avidon and Robert Walden
Robert Walden (back), Cheryl Leibert and Nelson Avidon
Reviews for “Girl in Heat”

“Very funny. He's a randy married lawyer with ideas. She's a kittenish office temp with an agenda. It's a slow night at the firm on a Friday in August.
Girl in Heat is about that really familiar couple, vulnerability and trust. Mr. Avidon, who has a glint in his eye and a slightly demented, toothy grin reminiscent of the French actor Fernandel, shows the fear inside the tightly wound Joseph. Ms. Leibert, with the more difficult part, makes Marilyn's self-revelation convincing.” (The New York Times)

“Playwright/ actor Nelson Avidon delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense in his one-act psychological thriller, Girl In Heat. Avidon plays Joseph, a middle-aged lawyer whose marriage and life are on the proverbial rocks. He looks everywhere for some kind of physical connection by flirting with coworkers and even holding his phone number up to the window in hopes of getting a woman in the building across from his to call. One Friday night at the office, sexy office temp Marilyn, played by Cheryl Leibert, stops by for a visit. Joseph quickly focuses his attention on the voluptuous, beautiful Marilyn. Sporting a miniskirt and a tight blouse, she is the ultimate “tease,” uttering sexual innuendos incessantly. Through a series of psychological foreplay games, they soon learn that their connection is far more significant than physical attraction. Marilyn is a manipulative woman with many secrets, and she reveals things from her past that shock and astonish Joseph, drawing him deeper into her tortured soul.

The story does have a few flaws, but Girl in Heat is a sexy, powerful psychodrama. Avidon spouts many clever one-liners, adding levity to an otherwise dark story. The brilliant performances are the most remarkable thing about this 80-minute show. Avidon gives a natural and cogent portrayal of a middle-aged man whose life has spun out of control. Leibert is delightfully engaging as the young but mentally unstable Marilyn, displaying a multitude of emotions as she adds depth to such a pitiful, desperate character.

Robert Walden directs these two gifted performers seamlessly, keeping everything flowing at a riveting, tense pace, and lets the actors display strong, effusive feelings without becoming too over-the-top or melodramatic. Avidon and Leibert manage to make minimal props and a simple set work in this sparse production. Girl in Heat is an intense rollercoaster ride filled with black humor that has much to say about the complexities of our pasts and how they oftentimes create difficult futures.” (Scott Harrah, Show Business)